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Our regular 320 Thread Count
9 colors and 5 sizes.
1 flat sheet + 1 fitted sheet + 2 pillowcases

FROM $165.95


Our Premium 500 Thread Count
9 colors and 5 sizes.
1 flat sheet + 1 fitted sheet + 2 pillowcases

FROM $229.95


320 Thread Count
7 colors and 2 sizes.
1 duvet cover + 2 pillowcases

FROM $195.95

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Luxurious and comfortable bamboo sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases.

All of our sheets, duvet covers and pillowcase are located in Canada. We ship from Canada as well so you never have to pay any duty and shipping is always free no matter which province you are shipping to.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars as well!

Welcome to our online store. We are the leading online distributor of bamboo sheets in Canada. If you have been searching the internet for the most comfortable, luxurious and best bamboo sheets online, you’ve come to the right shop! Bamboo Sheets are considered a luxury item but not at luxury sheet prices.

We sell a high quality range of bamboo bedding and all of our bedding is ecofriendly and hypo allergenic. Our silky soft bedding will fill your night with rest and tranquility. Our bamboo sheet sets are ideal for a peaceful long night sleep.

All of our products are shipped for free all across Canada, If you live in any of these provinces or territories you are eligible for free shipping, stress free, straight to your door:

Best Bamboo Sheets & Lowest Prices In Canada

We purchase all of our bamboo sheets directly from the factory manufacturer. Our luxurious bamboo sheets are carefully selected. We source the best bedding products for your sleeping pleasure. Bamboo sheets have evolved from being virtually unknown to becoming one of the most popular fabrics in the bedding market today. In Canada, they have, in fact, become a serious competitor of the exquisite Egyptian cotton sheets. In case you are wondering what these bamboo sheets actually feel like, close your eyes and imagine a mix of cotton and silk. Our ultra soft luxury bamboo sheets will create long and tranquil night sleeps for everyone. They are so soft that you’ll feel as if you are sleeping on clouds each and every time you hit the bed. Furthermore, bamboo sheets breath 3 times better than cotton.

  Province Shipping time (approx)
AB Alberta  ~3 Days
BC British Columbia  ~4 Days
MB Manitoba  ~3 Days
NB New Brunswick  ~2 Days
NL Newfoundland and Labrador  ~3 Days
NS Nova Scotia  ~2 Days
NT Northwest Territories  ~3 Days
NU Nunavut  ~3 Days
ON Ontario  ~1 Day
PE Prince Edward Island  ~2 Days
QC Quebec  ~1 Day
SK Saskatchewan  ~3 Days
Yukon  ~4 Days

Our Most Popular Bamboo Bedding

1) 320 thread count bamboo bed sheet set includes 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, and 2 Pillowcases.

2) 500 thread count bamboo bed sheet set includes 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, and 2 Pillowcases.

3)  Bed in a Bag includes 1 Flat Bamboo Sheet, 1 Fitted Bamboo Sheet, 1 Bamboo Duvet Cover, 4 Bamboo Pillowcases.

4) Duvet Cover Sets includes 1 Bamboo Duvet Cover, 2 Bamboo Pillowcases.

We offer many sizes of bamboo bed sheets, that can fit all beds like Twin, Double, Queen, King and California King.

We carry a large variety of colors including White, Silver, Tan, Sage, Chocolate Brown, Ivory and Blue.

1) Bamboo sheets have a soft & silky texture.

2) Bamboo linens help stabilize the temperature of a human body which make these sheets ideal for pregnant ladies.

3) Bamboo fabrics generally have less drying time. Fabric that dries quicker makes life easier by saving time and energy.

4) Bamboo bedding does not require fabric softeners.

5) Bamboo bedding is ecofriendly and hypo allergenic.

We hope that you find this information particularly helpful and we would be particularly happy if you were to buy some of our bamboo linens. These amazing, environmentally friendly bamboo sheets will change the way you feel in bed, and will undoubtedly enhance your sleeping experience. After your purchase, please do not hesitate to send us your bamboo sheets reviews. For more information about bamboo products, please visit our bamboo sheets blog. If you are looking for recommendations on how to wash bamboo sheets, please visit our bamboo bedding FAQ page. Enjoy browsing our online shop.

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