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Archives for December 2019

How Sleep Affects Productivity?

How Sleep Affects Productivity

Majority of adults face sleeping problems in one form or the other. It is either difficulty in falling asleep or difficulty in staying asleep, or sometimes even waking up at odd hours in the morning and unable to sleep again. Getting in the right amount of sleep makes you feel well-rested the next morning. On…

Jet Lag Recovery Quick Guide

Jet Lag Recovery Quick Guide 1

Technology and innovation in the aviation sector have truly made the world a smaller place. One can reach the far corners of the globe earlier than before and non-stop. This said, a great number of international travelers fly long distances across many hours and touch down experiencing jet lag. Amongst one of the most common…

Benefits of Exercise for Better Sleep

Benefits of Exercise for Better Sleep

Living a healthy life means eating correct, sleeping right and staying fit. These are not individual factors but are interlinked to one another. Exercising helps cleanse not just the body, but the mind as well. Regular exercise improves your health, keeps diseases away, and boosts your strength and stamina. However, when you don’t eat right,…

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