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Archives for January 2020

Effects of Oversleeping

Oversleeping Effects

There’s no denying that the body needs rest every day and sleep becomes a critical activity in our daily lives. While many view sleeping as just a state of rest, there’s much more to it. With very little common knowledge and some misconceptions amongst people, sleeping is generally not given much attention to with regard…

Secret Power of Naps

Secret Power of Naps

In today’s day and age, a majority of adults all over the world suffer from some form of sleep deprivation. We have listed unconventional sleeping techniques for better sleep, natural products to induce sleep, food products that can help you sleep better and sleep postures that are ideal to stay asleep. But despite these efforts,…

Meditation and Sleep

Meditation and Sleep

Meditation originated in India during 5000 BC. Today, people from all over the world meditate in search of mental peace and physical tranquility. As a result, the effects of meditation on the body and the mind are widely studied even today. With new studies sprouting every other day, they all show one thing in common…

Does Caffeine Really Affect Sleep Quality?

Does Caffeine Really Affect Sleep Quality

Caffeine is a natural substance found commonly in coffee, tea and sometimes even cocoa beans. Coffee is considered the main suppliant of caffeine, but even brewed products like tea have a considerable amount of caffeine in them. A 2015 study found that Canada has the third-highest coffee consumption per capita (152 liters per person per…