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5 Natural Products for Better Sleep

5 Natural Products for Better Sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial for the vital functioning of the body and mind. But given the sedentary lifestyle of majority adults, sleep disorders are developed easily at a very young age. Sleep consolidates memories and builds immunity but getting the right amount of sleep can be tricky. Here is a list of natural products and sleeping remedies that can aid you in falling asleep easily and also helps you stay asleep throughout the night.


The scent from lavender is considered to help calm muscles and relaxes the mind, putting your body at the optimal condition to easily fall asleep. Studies have shown that ambient odor from lavender can be used as aromatherapy for treating insomnia and other sleeping disorders. Lavender oil is easily available on various e-commerce platforms and medical outlets. However, lavender oil can only be inhaled and not consumed as it could potentially cause stomach pain and nausea, keeping you wide awake at night. Alternatively, you can also use essential oils from chamomile or patchouli as aromatherapy as well. 

Valerian Root and Hop

Valerian root and hop is known for its age-old history of inducing sleep and relieving stress. Valerian and hop help produce the chemical component, GABA, in the brain needed to induce sleep. Additionally, valerian root is a classic anxiolytic that helps ease anxiety. Hops on the other have therapeutic properties to cool your body temperature and induce drowsiness. When used together, it helps with stress, calms the mind, soothes the body and thereby reduces the symptoms of insomnia. Hops are also famous for its properties to reduce body weight, keep cholesterol levels in check and reduced high blood sugar levels.

Passion Flower

Considered as an effective remedy for insomnia, dried and powdered Passion Flower can be infused in your tea and consumed before bedtime. Scientifically known as Passiflorine Incarnate, the plant is an herbal sedative for sleeping aid and reducing anxiety. However, one cup of tea is not enough to immediately make you fall asleep. Having a small cup every night for over a few weeks will slowly increase your quality of sleep and reduce your overall anxiety.

Magnolia Bark

The bark of the Magnolia tree is an ancient property used to relieve insomnia, reduce body weight and relieves digestive problems. The natural components of Magnolia can improve symptoms of depression by reducing anxiety and inflammation. Magnolia can also be consumed with ginger can also improve memory over time. Furthermore, the bioactive components of Magnolia put you in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. The extracts of magnolia can be found in tea, topical oils and creams.

Warm Milk and Honey

Consuming warm milk and honey at night before bed can trigger deep sleep. The combined components of milk and honey release amino acid tryptophan in the brain, an essential component to induce sleep. The carbohydrates from milk and honey also act as a catalyst to make you drowsy and lazy. In addition to warm milk and honey, there are various food components that are rich in sleep-inducing properties. Read what food can help you sleep better here.

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