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Top Skin Benefits of Using Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo Sheets Skin Benefits

Almost everyone puts in a tremendous effort on skincare. Be it for a healthier lifestyle, confidence, or our personality, physical appearance primarily rests on the level of skincare. We often turn to an array of products and skincare routines to keep our skin in check. While many of these products and practices have their own way of helping, you might be missing out on one key practice. Making the best of our sleep hours is ideal for skincare. Humans spend a third of our lives asleep and with the right choices, these hours can aid in skincare. Since the skin constantly stays in contact with our bedsheets for all these long hours, it is essential to have the right sheet. Bamboo sheets are the ideal…

Wash and Care Tips for Bamboo Sheets

Wash and Care Tips for Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are a new and great alternative to conventional cotton sheets. These sheets are significantly more comfortable, breathable, luxurious, and softer. In addition, bamboo sheets are also environmentally friendly. Given that we spend a third of our lives asleep on the bed, it is essential that is our sleep environment is optimum and induces sleep without any disturbance. To know more about the benefits of bamboo sheets, click here.  While upgrading to bamboo sheets is a good start, you’ll need to wash and care for them to guarantee longevity and comfort. Sweat, makeup, dust, bacteria, blood, stains, etc., dirty sheets with everyday usage. A clean and fresh set of sheets are ideal for safe and wholesome sleep. Here are a few tips to help…

Can Green Tea Before Bed Help You Sleep Better?

Can Tea Before Bed Help You Sleep Better

People engage in different routines throughout the day. This includes a list of things to get done before hitting the bed. To ensure you get the best sleep in the optimum sleep environment, we at Bamboo Sheet Shop recommend various tips to improve your sleep. You can also read about some essential sleep-inducing food and natural products to help you sleep better. In light of these recommendations, we focus on the pros and cons of consuming green tea before bedtime. Green tea is often regarded highly for its disease-preventing potential. As a result, people add drinking tea to their bedtime routine before bed. Green tea as a beverage contains various plant compounds that are considered beneficial to the body. Some suggest that drinking tea at…

Anti-viral Food and Herbs to Boost your Immune System

Anti Viral Food and Herbs

In light of the ongoing global pandemic, it is more important than ever to adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet to keep yourself fit and strong. By changing eating habits, you can boost your immune system and be equipped to fight off the virus. Some natural ingredients and herbs have medicinal properties and healing properties that work well when consumed regularly. While these are not solutions to work overnight, adapting to a better diet will make you healthier over time for a more lasting impact. Please note that these are mere recommendations by doctors and physicians to help boost your immune system and not cure for sickness. In light of the above, here are some useful anti-viral food and natural ingredients to help boost your…

Fighting Coronavirus Anxiety with Bamboo Sheets

Fighting Coronavirus Anxiety with Bamboo Sheets

The outbreak of a global pandemic can be scary and uncertain. Given the amount of misinformation spreading on social media and various messaging groups, it can be very stressful to navigate yourself during these unprecedented times. Hence, it is essential to be mindful of your mental health and take steps in the direction to better equip you to cope with staying indoors. Regardless of age or place, the novel Coronavirus pandemic has left thousands across the world in fear and completely overwhelmed. To help you manage your stress and anxiety, we recommend the following. Look for Warning Signs Any sudden or forced change in lifestyle can be highly triggering and stressful. These manifest in different ways. Changes in sleeping patterns, eating patterns, being in a…

Learn About TB on World TB Day, March 24

Learn About Tuberculosis on World TB Day

*In an attempt to inform our patrons and readers on World TB Day, this piece will solely focus on Tuberculosis. Meanwhile, as the coronavirus pandemic grows we urge you to  – stay home and stay safe – Bamboo Sheets Shop. Every year on March 24, the WHO commemorates the day as World Tuberculosis (TB) day in an effort to raise public awareness about the global epidemic. The measures taken on the day are to inform nations about the health, social and economic ramifications of TB. March 24 marks the date when Dr. R. Koch made discoveries about the bacterium responsible for TB, in 1882. Regardless of such an early discovery and subsequent studies, TB still remains the world’s deadliest infectious disease claiming more lives than…

Coronavirus: Fighting social stigma

Coronavirus: Fighting social stigma

The COVID-19 pandemic has instilled a fair degree of fear and panic in scores of people world over. Social stigma can be identified as a byproduct of this fear making an already stressed environment more hostile. Governments, World Organizations, health experts and doctors have suggested social distancing and to stay indoors in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus. While we stay away from one another, we should be helping each other and our elders with mental support and care. Social stigma negates the global fight against Coronavirus by emotionally weakening the cause. Effects of Coronavirus Stigma Since we recognize China as the original epicenter of the Coronavirus, the Chinese and people of Asian origin have been discriminated against, all over the world….

The Different Stages of How Coronavirus Spreads

Stages of Coronavirus

Coronavirus – everybody is talking about it. Not just in your homes or within your communities, throughout the world over, people are united to fight against this pandemic. At the rate this virus is spreading, misinformation, too, has found its way to further muster fear and panic. Equipping oneself with the right information is the first step in battling this global crisis, so in light of this, we are going to break down the different stages of Coronavirus. If you are looking to learn more about Coronavirus or if you are looking for ways to cope with the virus, worry not, we have got you covered. Different Stages of Coronavirus Right from the outburst in Wuhan China, to the other 150 countries now coming to…

Understanding the Basics of Coronavirus

Understanding the Basics of Coronavirus

As of March 16th, 2020, the dreadful Coronavirus has spread to 151 countries, with almost 170000 people infected and around 7000 deaths reported. While the number might seem alarming, doctors, experts, and health departments of various countries continue to provide guidelines to stay healthy and calm in the wake of this global pandemic. In light of this, we breakdown some of the guidelines to better understand the symptoms of coronavirus and when to visit and a doctor so we curtail unnecessary spreading of the disease. Source: WHO Symptoms of Coronavirus Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is one of the credible sources to learn more about this pandemic. Coronavirus, also medically known as Covid-19, is considered to be a respiratory infection that causes: High…

The Truth Behind the Phrase “Beauty Sleep”

Beauty Sleep

Right off the bat, the concept of ‘beauty sleep’ is a very real thing. Our bodies rest and recharge during sleep and this process applies to our skin as well. A research conducted by The Royal Society concluded that restricted sleep had negative effects on facial appearance and social appeal. Irregular and disruptive sleep even over a short time can affect beauty. Oxford Academic’s research says that a single night’s poor sleep can cause swollen eyes, dark circles, wrinkles, etc. As you drift into sleep, the blood flows to the skin increases and it builds collagen to recover from UV exposure, wrinkles and age spots. Quality sleep is often the secret mantra to radiant and healthy skin. Beauty sleep, in essence, non-disruptive, good quality adequate…

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