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Bedtime Beauty Routine: Give Your Skin and Body What it Needs While Sleeping

Bedtime Beauty Routine

Sleeping eight hours every night has far more benefits to the mind, body and the skin than we actually give credit for. Given our lifestyle, squeezing in every minute to get ready in the morning is never always a successful task. However, taking some time out every day to care for your skin as part of the bedtime routine can ensure you don’t have to rely on make-up every morning. We have previously covered sleep-related topics of the mind and the body; in this article, we look at different bedtime routines and tips you can use to make your skin radiant and healthy.

Wash your face every night before bed

As important it is to brush your teeth before bedtime, washing your face plays an equally important role in keeping your skin free from germs and pollution. However, before you wash your face with soap, make sure you remove any make-up you are wearing with chemical-free remover. This, followed by a deep cleansing face wash, will clean up your pores, and remove any oil, germs, bacteria, and dust from your skin.

Apply night lotion

Merely washing your face is not enough to clean your skin. Get chemical-free face and body lotion to adequately moisturize your skin before bedtime. Dry and rough skin is your enemy and no amount of sleep can hydrate your skin as well as a moisturizer can. Avoid any strong fragrance cream as they can be stimulating and thereby, can disturb your sleep.

Drink water before sleep

Drinking water before bed and the first thing after waking up has multi-fold effects. First, water flushes down the toxins consumed during the day, ensuring that they don’t harm the skin or the body. Secondly, drinking water in the morning helps clear the system and boosts metabolism. Most importantly, the skin requires hydration from inside out. It is not enough to merely apply moisturizer for hydration. Drinking water plays an important role in overall beauty hydration as well.

Try using essential oils

Essential oils derived from plants have a lot of health benefits. Popularly, essential oils are used as part of aromatherapy but can also be used in multiple other ways. Mix it with your cream, or create your own spray to use every night before bed. Essential oils derived from Lavender, Tea Tree, Rosehip, Grapefruit, Chamomile, and rose have special properties to keep your skin healthy and clean.

Develop a morning skincare routine

As important it is to follow a bedtime routine, developing an early morning skincare routine ensures your skin is guarded against the sun and pollution of the day. Invest in products that are free from chemicals and only those that obtain essence from natural sources. Alternatively using organic skin masks in the morning will boost the glow and keep the skin soft and radiant.

Bonus tip: Get Bamboo Pillowcase for your bed

Resting your skin against rough cloth of the pillow cover can disrupt your skin and cause breakage. Therefore, switching to bamboo pillow covers will ensure you skin remains healthy due to the power of bamboo fibers. It is three times more breathable than cotton and is softer than silk. You can check out our bamboo pillowcases and bedding to know more.

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