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Does Reading Before Bed Actually Improve Sleep Quality?

benefits of reading before sleep

It is a popular recommendation to read before bed. This practice begins from the nascent stages of our lives when our parents read to us before tucking us in. As adults, we practice the same with our children. However, in the midst of this, we tend to forget the importance of reading before bedtime for ourselves. One such pioneering study conducted in early 2009 from Sussex highlighted that reading for even six minutes before bed can reduce stress up to 68%. In another research conducted to understand the sleep architecture of adults, it was noted that a majority of sleep-related problems are influenced by stress and anxiety. In light of this, we focus on how and why reading before bedtime can improve sleep quality. You…

Bedtime Beauty Routine: Give Your Skin and Body What it Needs While Sleeping

Bedtime Beauty Routine

Sleeping eight hours every night has far more benefits to the mind, body and the skin than we actually give credit for. Given our lifestyle, squeezing in every minute to get ready in the morning is never always a successful task. However, taking some time out every day to care for your skin as part of the bedtime routine can ensure you don’t have to rely on make-up every morning. We have previously covered sleep-related topics of the mind and the body; in this article, we look at different bedtime routines and tips you can use to make your skin radiant and healthy. Wash your face every night before bed As important it is to brush your teeth before bedtime, washing your face plays an…