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Buying New Bed Sheets Online? Keep These Tips in Mind

New Bamboo Bed Sheets

As we move into the world of e-commerce, as customers, we are required to read and learn about the products we want to invest before actually putting our money on it. In light of this, investing in the right, comfortable and soft bedsheets can be tricky. Given the variety of choices, you may get overwhelmed picking the right sheet based on your comfort and needs. It is easy to get caught in the web of information online, so to help you buy the perfect sheet of your choice, here are some tips you can keep in mind.


First and foremost, while deciding to buy bed sheets, identify the material of your liking.

While cotton is most popular for bed sheets across the world, there are other options as well. Cotton, especially Egyptian cotton, Pima or Supima are considered soft and strong. They are also lightweight and not heavy on the wallet. On the other hand, there are also linen, velvet and bamboo sheets that are steadily gaining consumer preference.

Bamboo sheets are considered eco-friendly, lighter than cotton and outlast cotton sheets. As the consumers’ conscience to buy sustainable products is on the rise, bamboo sheets fit the bill perfectly. In the debate between cotton vs bamboo, bamboo always wins despite being priced higher. This is simply because bamboo consumes lesser water while processing into sheets, they are incredibly softer than cotton and also have hypo-allergenic properties to keep your allergies and morning sniffles at bay.

Check out our premium line of bamboo sheets to enjoy the luxury of bamboo sheets.


Once you have chosen the material, the next important key tip is to identify the right bed sheet size based on your bed size.

When you’re buying anything online, the main worry is to get the size right. You don’t want to end up with a single bed size sheet for your king-size bed. Sometimes, you might like the design and purchase it only to realize that you have invested in the wrong size. To be on the safer side, measure your bed and match it with the measurements for the sheets given on the store platform.

The common sizes are:

  • King size: 72 inch x 78 inch/6 ft x 6.5 ft
  • Queen size: 60 inch x 78 inch/ 5 ft x 6.5 ft
  • Single size: 36 inch x 72 inch/3 ft x 6 ft
Bed Sheet Sizes
Bed Sheet Sizes

Sizes we offer on Bamboo Sheets Shop Online

Return Policy

The main disadvantage of purchasing anything online is the fact that until you get your purchase in hand, you will not know how different (or same) it is to the pictures you saw online. Sometimes, you may get defected products or it can get ruined on its way to you. More so, the sheets might not even fit your bed despite picking the right size. These are beyond your control and the only option here is to return the sheets.

Check for the return policy on the website before purchasing. Some websites offer an exchange of defected products, while some websites might take it back in exchange for store credit. See what fits your preference before making the final call.


Material, size, and return policy are three essential pointers to keep in mind always while doing an online purchase. However, in addition to these three, also keep in mind to check:

  • Design and patterns – You don’t want to buy a design that stands out from the rest of your room.
  • Thread count – Most websites might say thread count is critical in choosing bedsheets but if you pick the right material for you, thread count is merely a secondary preference.
  • Weave – Choosing a weave is more of a personal preference and is not an essential factor to decide the type of sheet.  The common options are percale (basic grid weave) or sateen (woven with satin).

Now that we have equipped you to buy sheets online by yourself, we hope that you make the right choice that is good for your sleep and for the environment.

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