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Children’s Sleep Tracking App: Monitor Your Child’s Sleeping Habits Closely

Children Sleep Tracking App

New parents seldom not worry about their children. Every aspect of a newborn and a toddler’s life requires close monitoring. Ensuring they sleep well and at the same time, learning to identify early signs of sleep disorder in children is a task. It is not uncommon for children to suffer from sleep disorders  but when caught early, it can be treated in time. Now, thanks to technological advancement and the popularity of applications on smartphones, scientists have engineered sleep tracking apps to ensure your child is healthy and is getting the required quality and quality of sleep. In this article, we take a deep dive into some of these apps to make your life as a parent easy.

Huckleberry: Baby & Child Tracker, Sleep Experts

Created by parents for new parents, the Huckleberry app is designed to understand the needs of new parents. The app uses the help of sleep experts and AI to provide personalized guidance. Whether you want to build a new sleep habit for your child or you just want to monitor sleep habits, Huckleberry is versatile to suit all dynamic needs. In addition to real-time guidance, the app also comes equipped with a predictive algorithm that notifies every time your child is tired. Daily charts and summaries make it easy to monitor and analyze the data. Get your Huckleberry help today; available on iOS and Android for free.

Nighty Night

Children of this generation learn their way around smartphones and iPads easily. So much so, many children prefer falling asleep watching cartoons or listening to children’s music. While YouTube is a host is millions of such videos, the app Nighty Night is perfect to tune in your kid’s favorite bedtime track as well to monitor the sleep habits. Additionally, the app has small activities for children between the ages of 1-4 to keep them engaged but also to set the mood to sleep. Available in different languages, Nighty Night stands out for it is created by the Oscar-nominated animator, Heidi Wittlinger. Available on iOS and Android, the app costs $3.99.

Headspace (For Parents & Kids)

For children suffering from sleep disorders, Headspace can help calm the nerves and relax the mind. Certain features of this app, specifically created for children, queues in visual aids and breathing exercises to help children be mindful and calm. Suitable for age between 0-5, 6-8 and 9-12, the app also plays calming music to induce sleep. This app is useful for parents to achieve holistic wellbeing after childbirth as well as for children who are restless and anxious. Available for free on iOS and Android, Headspace is your guide to health and happiness.

Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night

Trying to inculcate a good sleep habit? Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night app helps children learn about bedtime and morning routine through videos, games and musical timers. Wining the Editor’s Choice Award and recommended by parents, this app comes with morning and night activities. The morning activity teaches children the value of waking up in time, eating breakfast and getting ready for school. Bedtime activity includes bathing, brushing, and storytelling. All these activities come with timer to ensure the parents and children complete the routine on time. Available on iOS and Android for $2.99. 

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