An Eco-Friendly Gift For Mom

A Mother’s Day Gift That is Ecofriendly & Luxurious for Mom

Looking to surprise Mom with a Mother’s Day gift that is ecofriendly and extremely luxurious? We know exactly what you need. Our amazing 320 Thread Count Bamboo sheets (500 Thread Count are also available) are the best Mother’s Day gift you can give this May. Each of our sheet sets are sold with: 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet & 2 Pillowcases. These days, more and more people are aiming to do their ecofriendly part, to help save the environment and buying bamboo bedding is a great way to start. The additional benefit is, not only are you helping the environment by purchasing an ecofriendly product but your loved one is also going to sleep in a bed with the most comfortable and luxurious sheets on the market.


Bamboo Sheets Mothers Day

Popular Mother’s Day Gift

The reason these bamboo sheets are such a popular mother’s day gift this year is because they are the most comfortable sheets available. Recently, they have been compared to cashmere, (but at a fraction of the cost). Once your loved one sleeps on these amazing bamboo sheets, they will never want to sleep on a bed with cotton sheets again. Another great feature that bamboo sheets have is, they get softer after each wash (whereas cotton sheets begin to thin out and tear). Bamboo sheets are extremely durable compared to cotton sheets. So, while you’re buying something so wonderful for your Mom (your wife or your sister too) on Mother’s Day, you’ll also be doing something positive for our environment. Now, Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you should not wait until the last minute to buy a gift!
We have other amazing Mother’s Day gifts like silky soft bamboo duvet covers and comfy bamboo pillow cases, each sold in 7 different colors (Blue, Silver, Ivory, Sage, White, Tan and Chocolate).

Bamboo Sheets Colors

Mother’s Day Coupon

Right now, we are running a promotion for Mother’s Day. We are offering 10% off all of our bamboo bedding, bamboo sheets, bamboo duvet covers and pillowcases. Use Coupon Code: momlove14

Ecofriendly Moms

This year, we need you to help us convert more Moms to go green and see the advantages of ecofriendly products. Ideally, we’d love more mothers to switch from cotton to bamboo bedding by buying any one of these amazing eco-friendly products (made from renewable resources). Your mom, sister, or wife will definitely appreciate your eco-friendly gift!
Did you know: Bamboo fabric wicks away moisture, blocking bacteria growth and contains natural antibacterial properties. Also, natural bamboo does not require the use of pesticides, which is great for the environment and anyone with allergies.
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Best Mother's Day Gift