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Mattress Care: A Quick Easy Guide

Mattress Care Quick Easy Guide

If you breakdown the 24 hours that’s available to us in a day, a minimum of seven hours average is spent sleeping. That is essentially the amount of time we sleep on our mattresses. That is easily more than our living room couch, the dining table, the car or the office chair in comparison in one uninterrupted stretch. Given that we spend such long hours to help our bodies rest and recover, it is imperative that our mattresses are ideal for the best sleeping conditions. Here are a few handy tips to ensure your mattress is given its due care. Avoid eating/drinking in bed This simple rule can go a long way in mattress care. Food or drink spills could seep into the bedding causing…

Top 4 Sleep-Inducing Food for Uninterrupted Slumber

Top 4 Sleep Inducing Food Uninterrupted Slumber

Healthy food and healthy sleep go hand in hand. Have you wondered why some food makes you sleepy but some gives you an energy boost? Understanding how nutrients affect your body can help you stay productive during the day and get uninterrupted sleep at night. Melatonin is the hormone released in your brain when it prepares the body to sleep. Food containing carbohydrates, proteins and amino acid tryptophan are some of the main catalysts to make you sleep. The release of these catalysts produces melatonin in the brain that induces sleep. The level of melatonin production gets vastly affected if you don’t eat right or stay healthy. This leads to the suppression of melatonin production causing insomnia and other related health challenges. While doctors recommend…