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Eco-friendly Sleep

Eco friendly Sleep

How to Save the Environment While Sleeping? Here are top 5 ways on how you can make your bedroom eco-friendly to improve your sleeping habits and save the world at the same time. You can contribute to the greater cause even while you snooze. Lights off As straightforward as it sounds, it helps if you turn your lights off. If you aren’t occupying the bedroom, then leave the lights off. If you are, then use them conservatively. Not only do they hurt your wallet but also emit heat, increasing the room temperature. Lookup and replace older light sources with modern and energy-saving bulbs. If your room has windows, then let the sunlight do as much as possible for you. Consider drawing the curtains over flicking…

How to Prevent Bed Bugs and Other Insects from Entering Your Bedroom?

Prevent Bed Bugs

Before you tuck your loved ones and yourself into bed for a good night’s sleep, remember the age-old saying – “Don’t let the bed bugs bite”. For the uninitiated, bed bugs are the uninvited house guests (read, infestation) who literally feed off of you. Bed bug infestations are a growing concern and they can lead to health risks. Generally, bed bugs are found in hotels, dorm rooms and other public spaces, but they can also invade your bedrooms. Apart from just bedbugs, fleas, ticks and other insects too can make their home in your bed. Here’s a quick guide to help you avoid and prevent bed bugs and other bed insects. Regular mattress care Ensure you periodically clean the mattress and check for signs of…