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Mattress Care: A Quick Easy Guide

Mattress Care Quick Easy Guide

If you breakdown the 24 hours that’s available to us in a day, a minimum of seven hours average is spent sleeping. That is essentially the amount of time we sleep on our mattresses. That is easily more than our living room couch, the dining table, the car or the office chair in comparison in one uninterrupted stretch. Given that we spend such long hours to help our bodies rest and recover, it is imperative that our mattresses are ideal for the best sleeping conditions. Here are a few handy tips to ensure your mattress is given its due care.

Avoid eating/drinking in bed

This simple rule can go a long way in mattress care. Food or drink spills could seep into the bedding causing stains, dampness and damage over time. If you do end up staining it, use a mild detergent to gently remove them. Alternatively, also consider using a liquid-resistant protective sheet on the mattress, especially if you have young kids in the house.

Let it breathe

Ensure your mattress is open to the air, to avoid dampness. Change your sheets at least once a week to remove the accumulated body sweat and moisture. If you’re away on a vacation or a short weekend, removing the sheets from the mattress will ensure your mattress breathes.

Clean Regularly

Every time you change your sheets, give the mattress a dusting. Given the increase in the pollution around us, dust easily accumulates leading to allergies or pest infestation. Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust, body hair and food bits.

Protect it

Coverup the mattress with a washable mattress protector, so it is not constantly exposed to the open environment. With this, there’s little risk of direct contact giving you no stains or unwanted/unforeseen damages.

It isn’t a trampoline

We’ve all see commercials of people jumping over mattresses but this isn’t recommended. Avoid walking, jumping or standing on your mattress as it could lead to damage. Especially if you own a spring mattress, this could badly injure you and damage the mattress. When lying down, bodyweight distributes evenly unlike while standing up or jumping.

Rotation and Flipping are key

Consider rotating the mattress up-side-down over time to increase its lifespan. Rotating the mattress will allow you to use a larger surface area evenly. If your mattress can be flipped for usage, consider doing that as well. Do note, some mattresses are designed for usage only on one side.

Switching mattress

Often our mattresses outlive their stay. It’s not ideal for both our sleep and health, to be lying on a mattress that is completely worn out. Generally, a mattress runs well for eight to ten years with proper care. Understand your mattress, your preference and upgrade to a new one.

Remember, a healthy mattress will improve your sleep and help the body recover to be productive the next day. These simple steps and regular oversight could go a long way in ensuring a good night’s sleep every day, for years.

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