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Children’s Sleep Tracking App: Monitor Your Child’s Sleeping Habits Closely

Children Sleep Tracking App

New parents seldom not worry about their children. Every aspect of a newborn and a toddler’s life requires close monitoring. Ensuring they sleep well and at the same time, learning to identify early signs of sleep disorder in children is a task. It is not uncommon for children to suffer from sleep disorders  but when caught early, it can be treated in time. Now, thanks to technological advancement and the popularity of applications on smartphones, scientists have engineered sleep tracking apps to ensure your child is healthy and is getting the required quality and quality of sleep. In this article, we take a deep dive into some of these apps to make your life as a parent easy. Huckleberry: Baby & Child Tracker, Sleep Experts…

Sleep-Related Headaches: What Triggers Them?

Sleep related Headaches

Have you ever woken up with a headache after a good night’s rest? Or do you frequently suffer from chronic headaches every morning after waking up? Worry not, for this is not unusual. Studies have shown that sleep and headaches are interdependent and can manifest in different forms. The main reason for such headaches triggered by sleep is due to dysfunction like anemia and hypoxemia. In light of this, the most common occurrences are: Sleep induced cluster headaches and migraines; Headache triggers sleep disturbance; Sleep disorders induced by headaches. Types of Sleep-Related Headaches Headaches can occur when you wake up, when you are sleeping or when you are about to sleep. The latter is mainly due to the fact that headaches are also influenced by…