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Sleep Remedies for Lower Back Pain

Sleep Remedies for Back Pain

As human beings grow older, lower back pain also increases with age. A lot of factors contribute to the pain, such as unhealthy lifestyle, improper sleep schedule, unhealthy food intake, and so on. Back pain not only affects one’s ability to function fully but also gets in the way of quality sleep. In light of this, this article will provide easy tips to relieve back pain with these simple restorative sleep remedies.

Ideal Sleep Positions for Relieving Back Pain

The first step in addressing back pain is changing the sleep position. Most often, improper sleeping habits fuel the pain, making it even worse while waking up. Moreover, sleep is not meant to cause further pain, but to repair and restore the body. In lieu of this, here are some adjustments to sleep positions that can slowly reduce your pain and ensure you get an undisturbed sleep.

On the Sides/Fetal Position

If you are one to sleep on your sides, then ensure you keep a pillow between your knees. Inserting a pillow between the knees lifts the upper leg enough to maintain natural the spinal position. If your mattress is too soft and lying on your sides leaves a gap between your hips and the bed, use a pillow there for added support. However, avoid sleep on the same side the entire night as it may cause muscle imbalance and even scoliosis in some cases.

Alternatively, you may also sleep in a fetal position to mix up the sleep postures. Curling into the fetal position is considered to open up the spaces between the vertebrae, thereby ensuring no nerve weakness or pain. 

On the Back

The most common posture is to sleep on the back. But sleeping on the back without adequate support can increase back pain. To avoid this, keep a pillow below your knees. The elevation aligns the spine and the hips to avoid any strain to the lower back, and also evenly distributes the body weight without adding any unwanted pressure to the joints.

On the Front

Although sleeping on the front or on the stomach is considered as the worst sleeping position, a majority of adults prefer falling asleep this way. Therefore, small steps can help alleviate any negative effects caused by this posture. One such is placing a pillow under the abdomen or the stomach to bring the body to a straight even line. This ensures back alignment and reduces the pressure on the lower back.

Alternative Sleep Remedies for Lower Back Pain

Switching up sleep posture is not enough to remedy lower back pain. Making changes to the sleep environment is equally important to ensure it does not get in the way of deep sleep.

  • Find the right pillow – Pick a pillow that provides a natural curve to your body. Hence if you sleep on your back, choose a thinner pillow so the neck does not strain with its height. If you are sleeping on your sides, choose a slightly thicker pillow to ensure your neck is aligned with your spine. Also, change pillows every 12 months once.
  • Find the right mattress – Two things to keep in mind while purchasing a mattress: support and comfort. The mattress needs to acquire the contours of the body for even support. That way, any unwanted pressure on the lower back can be avoided.

Bonus Tip

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