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The Different Stages of How Coronavirus Spreads

Stages of Coronavirus

Coronavirus – everybody is talking about it. Not just in your homes or within your communities, throughout the world over, people are united to fight against this pandemic. At the rate this virus is spreading, misinformation, too, has found its way to further muster fear and panic. Equipping oneself with the right information is the first step in battling this global crisis, so in light of this, we are going to break down the different stages of Coronavirus.

If you are looking to learn more about Coronavirus or if you are looking for ways to cope with the virus, worry not, we have got you covered.

Different Stages of Coronavirus

Right from the outburst in Wuhan China, to the other 150 countries now coming to face with COVID-19, we can categorically breakdown the stages of spreading into six.

Stage One

The virus has officially entered your country with a few cases who have tested positive. However, those who have contracted the virus have either been flying internationally or have come in contact with someone from China, Italy or other countries that are leading with the number of infected people.

Stage Two

Popularly known as local transmission. Where the person infected with COVID-19 in Stage One spreads it to his family, friends and the places visited. As many people get infected through local transmission, the country begins to acknowledge the risk and starts taking precautionary measures such as shut down of schools, colleges, malls, etc.

Stage Three

Local transmission of cases eventually leads to community transmission. This causes lockdowns and stricter impositions to stay at home, self-isolation if showing symptoms and social distancing. For, without which, community transmission can easily spread to the entire country. Community transmission is the stage where the government declares code orange or code red, based on total infected cases and reported cases of death.

Stage Four

At this stage, the cases double overnight. The number of people infected and the number of deaths multiply every day, indicating the peak of the curve. It spreads like wildfire and the country deems it as an epidemic.

Coronavirus Peak of the Curve
Coronavirus Peak of the Curve

Source: Washington Post

Stage Five

Mandatory and complete lockdown impositions and sanctions by the government. Remember how Wuhan was locked down for almost two months, and now the lockdown in Italy? This is Stage Five. You cannot leave the house unless you need to visit the pharmacy or the grocery store. Countries at this stage also offer certification which details your name, where you are from, the purpose of stepping out of home and authorization from the government for doing so. Without this certification, if you are found outside without any reason, a heavy penalty will be imposed.

Stage Six

The countries have successfully contained the virus and the statewide quarantine pays off. For instance, China peaked with reported cases of deaths to 3000 where hundreds died in a day. Over the last week, and months after battling the virus, China now reports only a handful of cases every week and a larger proportion of people recovering from the disease.

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Stage Six indicates that grass is indeed greener on the other side and to get there, we need to fight off by reducing the spreading of cases. Learning from the patterns of other countries now crippling to deal with the rate of increase, it is clear that reinforcing Stage Three with stricter impositions will slow down the rate at which it can spread. Thereby, waiting out instead of pushing to Stage Four and Five, can help countries deal with Coronavirus more effectively.

In the meantime, as an individual, you can take some measures from your side to ensure that you, your family and your community are safe. Once you realize your country is at Stage Two, begin the practice of social distancing. Isolate yourself from crowded places and meet fewer people in person.

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