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The Truth Behind the Phrase “Beauty Sleep”

Beauty Sleep

Right off the bat, the concept of ‘beauty sleep’ is a very real thing. Our bodies rest and recharge during sleep and this process applies to our skin as well. A research conducted by The Royal Society concluded that restricted sleep had negative effects on facial appearance and social appeal. Irregular and disruptive sleep even over a short time can affect beauty. Oxford Academic’s research says that a single night’s poor sleep can cause swollen eyes, dark circles, wrinkles, etc. As you drift into sleep, the blood flows to the skin increases and it builds collagen to recover from UV exposure, wrinkles and age spots. Quality sleep is often the secret mantra to radiant and healthy skin. Beauty sleep, in essence, non-disruptive, good quality adequate sleep.

How to ‘Beauty Sleep’?

  1. Sleep on your back: Sleeping on your back ensures lesser contact of your face against the pillow or sheets. Lying on your tummy or on your side could cause premature aging, sleep creases and wrinkling. The idea here is to keep the face free of contact as much as possible.
  2. Sleep adequately: The ideal number of sleep hours varies for everyone. A whole host of factors like lifestyle, age, health, diet, etc. are critical to deciding adequate sleep hours. Understand what your body needs and build up a consistent routine to sleep on time, sleep adequately and wake up early.
  3. Wash your face and moisturize before bed: Wash off any dirt, makeup, oil from your face before you hit the bed. Going to bed with a dirty face gives the irritants a chance to settle in for hours leading to infections, rashes, acne, etc. The body loses moisture in the night, so consider using a topical moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Drinking a glass of water also helps.
  4. Use a humidifier: We’ve already established that hydration keeps the skin radiant and young. If you live in a dry environment, consider investing in a humidifier to avoid skin dehydration. Humidifiers ensure that the air is less dry giving your skin a gentler environment.
  5. Keep your room cool: Our body temperature decreases when we fall asleep at night. To induce sleep faster and to sleep better, keep your bedroom temperature lower. Lower room temperature ensures better blow flow and metabolism levels for healthy skin.
  6. Upgrade to Bamboo sheets: Finally, upgrade to bamboo sheets. When we sleep, our skin/face is in constant contact with the sheets for an average of six to seven hours. Bamboo sheets are more comfortable, cooler and also eco-friendly when compared to conventional cotton sheets.

Benefits of Beauty Sleep

There are a host of benefits as a result of beauty sleep. To ensure the best results, work out a healthy routine and stay consistent. Apart from just beauty sleep, also better your diet, exercise regularly, reduce stress and most importantly, better your sleep environment.

  • Fewer wrinkles;
  • A healthier appearance;
  • De-puffed and brighter eyes;
  • Radiant and youthful skin;
  • Increased blood flow;
  • No premature aging;
  • Maximizes benefits of skincare products;
  • Stronger and healthier hair.

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